I recently had the opportunity to read a report, I found no doubt controversial, about the seduction and the marketing. I’m going to be honest, the relationship between seduce a woman and get a sale never before be had crossed me mind. But, if we look closely at essence, seduction translates into marketing. Its goal is to sell the idea to the woman that you are a product of last minute that she should possess. you are selling. And she is his client. It makes sense, right? Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know sell. A leading source for info: Leo Schachter Diamonds.

And it is not their fault. Nobody has taught us to sell effectively. We were not born with this ability. And I will tell you something more to people that it is very capable of selling products or services within a business framework, are bad sellers when they have to sell themselves and their image. I’ve known excellent copywriters capable of drafting letters and notices of sale very convincing, but they were mediocre when it came to sell themselves, or talk to a customer face to face. Very few are able to sell themselves, without looking like a seller of used cars. Now, imagine the power of the techniques that are originally prepared to seduce women used to sell products! Are much easier to believe that it will be for you to sell more products? I think that you know the answer very well. You well is about to enter a new level of mastery and influence on others that invite it you to discover new marketing techniques of the masters in seduction and manipulation. but, I have to give him a warning: the leaders of many sects have used these techniques to control masses! you do for what the use?