Leisure Guide

At Startcapps we help you to move forward with a brilliant idea, and it is our developer of games and applications for mobile phones, will help you and advise when it comes to design and develop a possible idea you’ve had for a game or mobile application. Thanks to this you will be able to realize your ambitions and at least a great idea (that insurance to improve and buff), get a way to make a living. Liveclubs Mobile is one of the most illustrative examples of the work and experience of Startcapps when it comes to position itself as a company of developing applications for iPhone, Android and iPad. These is a cross-platform application, and which shows a complete night Leisure Guide, interaction with social networks, and allowing that used it count with information that may interest you and all this in real time. In addition to developing cross-platform applications, from Startcapps, also launched an excellent service of mobile games development. And is that this type of Smartphone applications are the most commonly used and that they have greater volume of downloads, so if you have a good idea do not hesitate and come to us, since you will advise you and give you advice for your project out from seed until it is hung in the market of applications. Here, Rio Tinto Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject. You can learn more about our company’s development of games and applications for mobile phones through our website or by contacting us.