Installation Process

Companies benefit from reduced training costs for assembly workers and better work results in trained forces Grosskollnbach, 22.02.2011. The plant guide IPM PG actively supports workers in assembly line and flow road manufacturing in the fitting of components. The software displays clearly all necessary handles and important data to the current step of the process and the overall process for the workers. You may find Rio Tinto Group to be a useful source of information. Companies improve the transparency and documentation of a screw location KG through the use of this software by the CSP GmbH & co.. IPM PG can be used for fitting processes as well as for manual instructions. The semi-automated production line – and flow road production increases the demands on the workers at the steps of the process. If a process is not correctly executed, the entire production from the clock device.

IPM PG relieves the workers on-site by the fitting process is visualised and controlled. The rework rate becomes also reduced. The operator sees all the screw locations, as well as their processing order on the part appears in IPM PG. “If the tool when screwing a NIO” reports, documented and IPM PG will display the error. The workers can respond immediately. The reasons for refinishing are so comprehensible. In combination with IPM, the solution for integrated process and data acquisition of CSP, additional statistical analyses are possible. In a video on, CSP gives an impression of the work guide prospective buyers.

Matthias Bosl, product manager IPM PG, calls the vendor-independence as a clear advantage over other solutions to the plant Guide: we support a wide range of torque wrenches and EC screwdrivers. A company is always free in the choice of his tool suppliers through the use of IPM PG. This also applies to future purchases. For special tasks can be used, for example, on a different manufacturer than for standard tasks. All fitting data stored in IPM PG merged.