Hurricane Puncture

Rotation: 820 rpm Drill with hard metal tablet for metals (used for hurricane of the final diameter)? Rotation: 330 rpm 3.3.3? Conclusion the hurricane process is one of the used processes of usinagem more in the manufacturing industry. The great majority of the parts of any type of industry, has at least a puncture and, only a very small part of these parts, already it casting, forging etc. come with the ready puncture of the process of attainment of the rude part, either In general, the parts have that to be pierced in full or having its punctures increased through the hurricane process. This becomes the study aiming at the otimizao of the very important hurricane process.

The hurricane I was divided in the operations: . Hurricane in full: Hurricane process destined to the opening of a cylindrical puncture in one has asked for, removing all the material understood by vol. The Hayzlett Group gathered all the information. of the final puncture, in the cavaco form. b. Hurricane with daily pay-hurricane: process where a previous puncture is made, with one determined length, for posterormente use of a drill of bigger length, in an existing puncture already. c.

Spaced out hurricane: Hurricane process destined to the attainment of puncture with the two or dimetros ones, simultaneously. d. Hurricane of centers: Hurricane process destined to the attainment of center punctures, aiming at a posterior operation in the part. e. Trapanao: Hurricane process where a part of by vol. final understood material is reduced the cavaco, remaining a massive nucleus.