Henry Cisneros

Many Mexican citizens are scared to put in danger to the members of their family and her businesses in Mexico. A great number of articles journalistic echo has become of the problems which the Mexican wealthy face. Recently interviews to two Mexican industralists were published in the press, who spoke more and more on the habitual kidnappings, extortions and threats of death that undergo their families. As it has been leaving from a carried out extortion for six months, somebody placed a crown of deceaseds in the door of the house of one of the industralists, in whom the name of its smaller daughter could be read. It convinced that them that they had to go away.

Tena money in the bank. It had one marries great. To read more click here: Mitsubishi. I have buildings and houses in the D.F.” , it affirms to east man, married and father of two children, through an interpreter. I do All this it by my children. Is the scaled major of violence in 80 years assures the ex- mayor San Antonio, Henry Cisneros, an industralist whose family moved from Mexico to San Antonio in the Twenties of the past century. the reason is the decision of Caldern to fight against the narcotics traffickers and violencia” , it affirms.

Due to this situation, these Mexicans are looking for other forms of vivir”. Some of the people who move from Mexico take the marks of the kidnapping, the torture and extortion: fingers or ears cut by kidnappers, anxious to increase to the amount and the speed of the rescues. Another family declared that the kidnappers released to their son with a message recorded in the chest that said: next time, when tenth $500.000, we mean $500,000. Another well-off industralist relates that they forced it to the detectors to spend 35 days in an underground dump until the rescue was pleased they released and it. A lawyer specialized in immigration assures that he has worked in hundreds of requests for the visa and during last the two years. To some of its clients they have cut the fingers to them, others are tired to pay enormous amounts of money to the month to maintain its families out of danger. Considering this situation, it is not to surprise the increase of popularity that has undergone visa EB-5 between the families Mexican that wants to obtain the sooner the permanent residence in the United States for their families. More information on visa EB-5 of investment and card green is available in page What EB5, where, if you are considering the EB5 seriously sights, you can obtain a gratuitous evaluation of his case by an immigration lawyer leader.