The comprehensive tank data management the fleet management software comm.fleet professional fleet management is a complex and demanding task. For this reason is a sophisticated fleet management software for companies with large fleets of great importance – it must be geared to the most diverse requirements in this area. The community4you GmbH has the special meaning in relation to the management of fuel consumption and all it tied matters and special, this area that features, integrated into its fleet management software comm.fleet. In addition to the management of invoices, including for lease payments, repairs and insurance premiums, the fleet management software is comm.fleet able to edit in future tank from fuel cards and also company-owned service stations. Check with to learn more. The data is maintained automatically via existing interfaces or alternatively, by typing in the ERP software. The collected data can be used for the evaluation of different aspects be. With the fleet are comm.fleet management software to compare fleet managers and owners in the position, the tank collected the kilometers stands of the vehicles and to determine the plausibility of the fuel consumption and the expenditure incurred as a result. Furthermore, it makes the fleet management software to identify comm.fleet possible with the aid of the merged data of fuel consumption trends, to compare the fuel consumption of different vehicles or vehicle groups and to identify potential cost-savings. Shaw dad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With the integration and the careful execution of these special features, the community4you GmbH ensures that management software comm.fleet fleet managers allows the fleet to manage, not just better but really to manage especially their fleet and to control.