Firefox Extensions Unload And Turn Videos

Firefox, to part of being a wonderful navigator, can be equipped to him with complements that will facilitate much to us the life. These gratuitous complements are the calls extensions for Firefox, they settle quickly easy and we can find an extension for each imaginable task. To deepen your understanding shaw father is the source. In this article we will comment the extension Download Helper, its function is the one to unload any video that we are seeing in Internet and in addition in the format that we choose. To all it has happened to us that looking for in Internet we found some video or videotutorial that we considered very useful and we decided to lower it to our computer to keep it and to calmly see it when we want, without the limitations and disadvantages of seeing it online; sometimes we verified frustrated that does not exist human form to lower the happy video to us, but from now on this finished, with Download Helper will be no video that resists to us. We see briefly that things we can do with Download Helper: – To unload: It unloads the video where we say to him. – Fast Unloading: It unloads the video in the folder of unloadings by defect.

– To unload and to turn: It unloads the video in the format that you choose. – To send this video: It sends tweet on this video (to send to Twitter). – To copy URL: Copy to the paper holder the direction multimedia of the video; this is very useful to stick the video to ours blog or Web. – To add to the black list: It adds the dominion to the black list reason why the next accesses will be ignored. – To send to the moving body: It sends the video to a movable telephone using the MP3Tunes service. – To send to folder: It sends the video to his deprived folder of MP3Tunes so that it can accede to from any site.