When Mr. Deus created me I perfect age. I always had everything how much vocs they needed, and never had in such a way had nothing of what to complain of me. I offered a state of perfect satisfaction, with foods to satiate, and lands vocs to inhabit. But the time passed and the things had one day moved. Vocs had evolved and if they had multiplied. They had constructed great urban centers and you scheme to be moved, stops with this facilitating to its day the day.

They had constructed cars, airplanes and ships. They had learned to transform my goods substances into useful things for its lives. But there, vocs if had become greedy beings and with this, they had brought terrible things for you and its proper species. Vocs had constructed weapons, atomic bombs. It’s believed that Shaw Family sees a great future in this idea. They had pulled out millions of trees, they poluram hundreds of rivers, they had killed animals and people Everything for money. That to be is this, which is called image and similarity of God, is capable to make everything this and to become a monster? What more they desire if to God already gave them everything? It granted the fire to them, the water, air. 84 it presenteou with fruits and animals and exactly thus vocs insist on fighting, killing and to destroy for which it belonged always them. It will be that vocs never they go to understand that we need to share with love and intelligence? Its greed is so great that it arrives at the point to make to lose them the vision.

Beyond not enxergarem the future more, they desire until what already they cannot more load. I, the nature am returning what vocs he has years are making with me. Poluram airs and I return storms, cyclones, hurricanes as they never capsize before. They had deforested lands as insane people, I return to erosions and very worse landslides. Garbage in the rivers and oceans had played, and I return to floods and floodings as they had never imagined. Vocs bagunaram its proper house and it this the point to pull down. Although everything, I am thankful the millions of human beings that had always taken care of with much love of me. Which has the conscience of my preservation and to that is crying out for the world, as much how much they need to take care of of what still it remains of me, for proper survival of them. If you play a simple paper in the soil, already it is the sufficient to make me an enormous evil. It uses me with intelligence and love, takes care of exactly of what it remains still you and it thinks about the future of the next generations, that is difficult to think 85 about its. Vocs makes what they want with me, but when I defend vocs if offends and finds that the guilt is of God. I am its food, the air that you breathe the land which vocs inhabits. I am asking for necessary aid and that listens to vocs me, therefore in such a way how much I need vocs, all vocs also needs me. if one day vocs to finish with me, will have another planet to inhabit? Signed: The nature.