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Learn to play merengue tumbaos on piano, percussion patterns using merengue mp3 practices, with scores can also purchase patterns tumbles to mp3 or wav, for details visit our website or call (646) 552 – 7632, Emilio Instructor. Recommendations of how to practice the piano first merengue merengue is easy to play, the scores of merengue You’re going to find a tone in each bar, written in figures such as Cm, F, A7 etc. you are going to play those bars to your liking, but as long as the playing time, meringue is a matter of taste, you can not touch any tumbao in any merengue, you should consider several factors to determine what kind of accompaniment will do in certain subject that will touch A) should listen to the melody of the theme, the voice guidance if it is a sequence.

Must listen to the percussion that is the basis of merengue along with bass, percussion going to give you options in the various parts which have the merengue, introduction, voice, mambo choirs, choruses and other and each side can give you a different swing for each phrase, so you can play to your liking because the recording of a meringue is played one way, but you can touch to your liking, you can also train your heard in a simple way, you can hear a meringue that is recorded and seek the shade, if you have problems how to find the tone of meringue bass can give you much help as the bass and piano are playing in the same tone and score is identical except that the bass part will have the key of F in fourth line, so much so that you can play with the score low if that is not the piano, on page 14, there are many such drum patterns patterns can help you much when you can play several different tumbles can do to give a different style is creative, with a chord of meringue you can invent much remember the scores of the meringue will find notes digit jumps that are not signals rather than to go from one sentence to another I suggest practicing all the exercises and so tumbles slow.. .