Developer Robert Zach

The water will be pumped, deacidified, deferrised treated, chlorinated, mixed with other water, so to speak “in death” – before it arrives at the people. In ecosystems such as biotopes, ponds and lakes, water plays the main role and if as in the case of the Therme Erding such habitats are contaminated with algae then is difficult reasonable the guest of the thermal baths this circumstance. The guest must find an excellent water in a relax-facilities such as a spa in the decorative exterior, the visual perception of clear, clean ponds plays a major role in the well-being, finally is here about a sensual perception. We have begun to treat the ponds with ZARO-water technology in 2008 and have installed our technology in various habitats, everything was documented photographically, and today we can say with good conscience, we have done much nicer the Therme Erding”, as Zach in the conversation. There were even problems, because the algae was gone, the water became clear so that one up could see to the bottom and that was not so good because this technical lines were visible.

As we already impressively proved in years the environmental garden in Wiesmuhl ago is it possible using ZARO water Vitalisation and the ZARO Vitalisierern the water so pure and clean to handle that hardly can believe human consciousness, even if you have the before and after effect directly in front of eyes. Scientists may test us like, we shy away from any dirty pool and because we are just cheap by our specialty plastics, it is also not a luxury to be able to call more than clean pond, his own explained the inventor and Developer Robert Zach finally. On purely biological way, the expert team of ZARObiotec has done then the mosquito problem, because in silent, standing waters breed mosquitoes like to and that is an undue circumstance for a spa guest, now there is no more mosquitoes breed because ZARO know-how ensures that there don’t like the mosquitoes. Also this solution is a pure biological realization, like all other services offered by ZARO. The ZARO water Vitalisierung biological energy once more a milestone is the active bio-photon radiation makes it possible. With nearly 100,000 individuals, ZARO is a specialist of with his technique has also various industrial customers so decreases some problems. We, are a press, PR and media Office, we write about people, ideas, philosophies, new markets, products and innovations. If we are dealing with the image of people and innovation, always a higher awareness arises in the first place, to want to get more access to Web sites and a lot of interest products and services.