Design Intention

We must put special attention to include/understand the main intention of the design, as well as of the surroundings in which it was applied. of composition constructs brief With the security to know the main intention of the design, which follows is to identify and to prioritize the elements and messages that took to us to reach that intention, constructing brief of composition (location scheme and protagonism of each communicational element of the design) which we can show the client before beginning to design, this really you can save working hours when counting on an approved schematic composition. Mantn a complete attachment to the institutional image To develop a creative discipline become attached to the guides of institutional image of the client, provides other technical tools to us to justify our creative decisions. For example in my personal case, when I make a design of interface of a Web, the trowel of primary colors of my design comes determined by the colors from the logo, being a reason that the client cannot refute technically, unless she ends up saying to me that she does not want those colors and point. Although the company lacks a manual of mark like so, always exist corporative pixels that can to give some graphical lineamientos us, nevertheless not always is the intention of the client to give continuity to that style, reason why it is better than you make sure that is their expectation. It knows the style the client Often to defend a design becomes an impossible task, if the presented/displayed style is much of the style of the client, here is not question of which this good or bad or if communicational objectives are fulfilled or no, here he is something as basic as I do not like I feel, it very saturated or I do not like, I feel very simple and so on. It is for that reason that we must assure by means of questions keys on the style and graphic preference to us of the client, this will give to major confidence us in which our work is developed by the correct way. Apyate in the theory The design is art with intention and is based on many techniques and theories that all good designer must know, some more than others. It is important that we lean back in typesetter criteria and of legibility, in the theory and schemes of colors, visual impact, schematic positioning, etc. A detail important is to project this theoretical handling from the first interview with the client, this would help to form a respect relation and confidence towards our professional criterion, after all, if they contract to us is because we are those that we know the best thing, soon will be our obligation not to defraud them.