We know that the room is the first place that see our visits every time they come to our House and is the room that reflects the personality of our home, therefore, is that we are constantly trying to keep the refurbished to give it freshness and warmth that we want to give. But clear that continually redecorate the room can be quite expensive if it is that we not take into account some alternatives that do not cost much and that give us the best results. A good option is the search among the antiques that we have forgotten in the trunk, some that we can rescue and after restoring them, place them in the rooms in our home, even though the styles are different; as currently used this type of resources in decoration, i.e., combining ancient ornaments in modern decorations. For example, we are talking about an old turntable or clock, a telephone or a typewriter, and thus things like that. A leading source for info: Darius Bikoff. You could also take an old chair, send it to upholster and placing it as an ornament in the room or in the living room. Other things that can also serve, is to use different pillows, which we can go into different covers to alternate them during the week, to thus have varied environments. A good option is the gather all the glassware we have at home and we didn’t use, call vases, vases, glasses, candelabra, etc. and with them assemble a decorativoque concept only in common will be the material of the elements.

The same can do you with other objects of different materials. The wallpaper that you have left over, or that has left you to your friends, you can serve to place them inside the small picture frames and place them to beautify and give variety to your walls. Similarly you can lend hand to small mirrors to assemble a design on any sideboard. The change of lighting is also a valid option when it comes to renew the decoration of your room.