Becoming What We Think

How to become what we think probably most of us have read various books and articles on how to achieve happiness and wealth, or have heard lectures or watching videos on motivation, achievement goals, transforming our lives, etc. Most of these materials will coincide at a point which is that everything starts with an idea, absolutely all human creations are perceived in the mind of one or more men such as computer, automobile, the submarine, books, etc. It means that the mind has an infinite creative capacity given by God and each of us has the opportunity to produce something new and wonderful creation. When people are given an account that the power of the mind can do great things he gets excited and creates a high level of expectations wanting to perform many things, but the reality is that if this power but it needs to program it properly, for example many people have heard about the secret and the various ways to bring things in life through our thoughts, it works but it is certainly necessary to be first and then realized, for example, someone is not first inventor if it is not at the subconscious level, how can we promote the mental state necessary to realize the things we want?, is absolutely necessary to focus on things that we also want to not be too many things at once because the mind will be confused or goals will take much longer to materialize, to become in his book CORENTT ANDREW I AM HAPPY, I AM RICH shows that it is necessary to understand our life and the universe, in fact we believe everything our senses perceive, is quite difficult to gather information at first, the other aspect is to focus all our attention on what we want to convey to our mind that is exactly what we want and is ultimately personal action, to do everything that is related to our purpose, for example someone wants to be an athlete, you must focus on that, see programs related to sports, reading books about the lives of athletes and food, etc..