Babylonian Empire

Every second German read his daily horoscope in the newspaper every day. Over 40% of Germans believe in astrology”as the title of a large Boulevard magazine. In fact, every second daily read his daily horoscope in the newspaper. How is it in you? Astrology is not a recognized science like economics or physics. Nevertheless, in the ancient Egypt and in the Babylonian Empire’s origins date back. At that time, people began to determine the position of the heavenly bodies and to interpret. The astrologer attempted to put the relationship between the positions of the planets with the trait of a person in relationship.

Today, many centuries later, does this science”still. They are called astrology. An astrologer can calculate the planetary constellation in the sky based on the exact time of birth, place of birth and the birth day and show basic character traits, abilities and potential of people. The starting point is a so-called Radix, a horoscope drawing. While in a newspaper horoscope lists only basic features and tendencies of a sign of the Zodiac, the statements in an individually created horoscope on a certain person are true. A horoscope book contains the radix-drawing and a detailed interpretation of the radix. While it previously had to locate an astrologer in the yellow pages or the like, can be now easily and also economically create a personal horoscope book. Various horoscope analyses can be derived on the basis of the radix.

A natal chart indicate the basic characteristics of a people. In general it is a natal chart from the 16 useful reading years of age, and from this time punk from time to time to take it. In course of time, they will perceive new aspects of one’s personality and recognize in the horoscope. Before the age of 16, a horoscope of children is appropriate, as here among other things the development of the child and the relationship to the parents and to other people in the Center. For parents, a helpful guide can be a horoscope of the child to the child best to understand and support. A career horoscope shows the tendencies and potential of people in his profession. This horoscope is interesting especially for people that are in a phase of professional reorientation are unhappy in your current job or restart in the profession. Generally, you can better meet a horoscope analysis, identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and accept. Self-reflection is promoted the further development of its own possible and as a result. However you must be aware of one: even if a personal horoscope as much may be true, to what extent it helps a person to its development and advancement, each itself depends.