Atlanta And The Real Estate Market

Like the State of Georgia, the Atlanta State has an unemployment rate higher than the national average, no doubt this is a major concern for the US Government (about 10.4 percent compared with 9 percent). The real estate market, in particular the slowdown in the construction of new buildings says that the problem is according to Mark Butler, Labour Commissioner. Butler says that the recession hit so metropolitanamente, Atlanta and Georgia were in one of the cycles of the State higher growth, led by the flourishing development of real estate residential, commercial and industrial. When the real estate market and the economy fell into a tailspin, the over-leveraged construction industry collapsed. Atlanta and the real estate market our recovery is going to lag behind the rest of the nation, said Butler. What does this for the market goods roots in Atlanta and for investors? Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff says that, in the same way, many would-be sellers in today’s real estate market are considering the possibility of becoming owners rather than sell at a loss.

The question then is what the Atlanta apartments and rental prices? Zillow, says that the market about renting in Atlanta rates is not good, but it’s better than many of the markets. Rental prices have been increasing, along with the occupation. Talking about how things have changed in the past two years: there were many things out there, which is therefore available to lease, apartment complexes and the homeowners, who were giving away things only so that people may dwell there, said Krystal Wilbanks leasing agent. But now, there are many people out there looking for a rental, and if you don’t take ownership, the next person you will and see, seguroque will take the property. Atlanta and the real estate market part of it, of course, is that many there new apartments under construction. You have that ask to what extent behind the Atlanta nation is expected to lag behind considering that the increase in rental prices could bring a recovery in the construction industry and that it would help solve the problem of unemployment. Of course, until that things begin to sell to rent this rather stagnant construction industry, but the increase could be a sign that the apartments will begin to sell time.