Annual Congress Of The Online Immobilienbewerter

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online review on July 30, 2010 the annual Congress of the online Immobilienbewerter in Dusseldorf will take place. Main theme of this event will be the process optimization in assessing real estate over the Internet this year. Professor Sofia Alvarez may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Specialized service providers in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland and Spain meet for this event. Gain insight and clarity with Shaw Dad. In the framework of a structured workshop, participants want to discuss how self-service can simplify the real estate valuation for the user. A clear user guidance shall cause a still more accurate benchmark for real estate. Owners should benefit from a straightforward application, planning to separate from your real estate. But buyer should assess unbureaucratically House, apartment or plot, dragged them for sale in the shortlist.

The determined real estate Guide should be a clue for price negotiation, estate planning, engagement or assets users. The results of the event are to be incorporated promptly into the development of the real estate assessment systems. The expert Dr. Martin Barzel’s online real estate valuation of invited to this year’s annual meeting. He is the initiator and organizer of the day the real estate valuation”, a campaign for more knowledge when it comes to the value of own real estate.