American Potatoes

America – a continent where there are very advanced state, which is truly the locomotive of world economy. Their modern economy and culture are very efficient, they are constantly humanity innovative products, digital news, and so on. However, perhaps the most important contribution to the history of mankind has brought America a few centuries earlier. We are talking about potatoes. At the end of the sixteenth century Europeans became acquainted with this truth American culture and brought it to Europe.

Yes, many believe that our ancestors since time immemorial were grown and eaten the potatoes, but it is not, at first she came to Spain. In Russia, she got only closer to the middle of the eighteenth century! This American gift was at first simply not understood in the old Europe, the gastronomic preferences of people did not cover the new culture. But each country has its own way came to realize the true value of the new acquisition, which is after the recognition in the highest circles began to spread rapidly among the masses. Now in the national cuisine of any country potatoes takes pride of place, and not in vain, because this root is truly the highest value in terms of usefulness and ease of cultivation.