Alberto Accountant

The Madrilenian confirmed one week ago that he will attend the Gallic round. Several directors of equipment assure that he damages the image of the cycling. " In my equipment Accountant he would not have participated in the Tour" , he assures the director the equipment Europcar, Jean-Ren Bernaudeau. While Alberto Accountant begins to prepare in the Alps the mountain stages of the next Tour of France, they appear voices that from the French cycling show their displeasure with the presence of the Spanish in the Gallic round before its presumed case of doping has been clarified. " If I were he not vendra" , he affirmed the director of the Europcar equipment, Jean-Ren Bernaudeau, that considers that " the damage that undergoes the image of the cycling is difficult of recuperar". The veteran director added that " when Accountant has made the decision to run the Tour is because it has certainly will be absuelto". " If no, I will be very cabreado with him, will have committed an enormous damage to this sport that already has a deplorable image in the world.

She is the best cyclist of the moment and its attitude must be ejemplar" , it assured. Bernaudeau considers that the regulations of the cycling must evolve to avoid " that the main favorite to gain the Tour arrives with a shade from suspicion on his hombros". Something similar thinks the second director of the AG2R, Julien Jourdy, that indicated that " the cycling is customary to support sospecha" but " the subject of Accountant will much more give repercussion him to the debate on dopaje". " The word doping will be listened to more than if there were not venido" , it affirmed the director, who added that " he is hard to leave it go to one of the best ones of mundo".