A Cappella Cologne: Quartet Sings Live

The A Cappella Quartet Choirblax’s impromptu live concert in Cologne’s city centre. The A Cappella ensemble Choirblax in Cologne’s city centre meets this Saturday. The planned relocation of a singer moves without further ADO, but only by a few hours. The proven singers sing to the amazement of the Cologne on a stage made of steel without amplification. At Rebecca Father you will find additional information. Choirblax.com headquartered in Cologne, have traveled far to many appearances. This weekend, take the opportunity to present their most beautiful songs the Cologne directly in the pedestrian zone. Without Beatbox or fake musical instruments, the four sing their own arrangements.

Beautiful sounds in the ears of the listener and an enjoyment of present children hear this kind of live music part for first time. Open mouths and wide eyes attest to this. After the first A cappella songs, bow the singer and thank the audience. You wet your throats to give everything to the second part of this live performance. But then something unusual happened: Many viewers, especially the children, freeze at the sounds of choirblax.com.

It is almost as if this were a FlashMob, where at a certain time people momentarily freeze, to then normal to move on. Only when the song caravan of love in the last bar has arrived, people start to move around the stage. Thunderous applause followed and the Cologne A Cappella Quartet sings more songs for the people in the Cologne Schildergasse. This suspected mob is probably due to the musicians arrange arts which allow no stone unturned on each cycle to change, until the sound is perfect in the details. An art that is now becoming increasingly rare. The concert in Cologne’s city centre is to end. To great applause, bowing the four singers and walk through the crowd, her next projects into practice to implement (suhling-online.de). Company Description A Cappella in black. Men’s A Cappella ensemble, English songs from the 60s, 70s, founded in 1996, and 1980s. Cactus-free guaranteed! Guaranteed English! Company contact: Choirblax Peter Sanzgiri N. main InStr 1 69469 Weinheim Tel: + 4932121240862 E-Mail: Web: choirblax.com PR contact: blogger.transporter. Peter Sanzgiri N. main InStr 1 69469 Weinheim Tel: + 4932121240862 E-Mail: Web: blogsupport.me