The Pardon And The Personal Development

A relation between the pardon and the personal development exists. One of the great fights of the human being in the personal development, is that it costs to say &quot to us; perdn" , but she is easy to pardon in simple terms, bony well simply to say it, the pure truth is that a pile costs to us to really do it. One is not to say in words that one has pardoned such person, or that not even it thinks about doing it, but rather it is the power that provides to you. We must have the value of being able to pardon a person, is an extra point for the soul, because when we pardoned we are freeing to us of a great load that we took above and we managed more to be given off even in our acts, because we are going more to be determined when giving without waiting for really nothing in return. Probably many think that this does not benefit to them in anything, and that rather that person does not deserve itself to be pardoned, in fact one same one deserves to pardon, not only because all we commit great errors or we are prone at some time to come from worse forms, but also in some other occasion we will have the opportunity of being pardoned, in addition the life is short, and by more damage than a person it can do to us, if this in your hands the power to pardon and to remove to him that from its own fault, aydale to him, you are going away to feel well, and you never keep resentment. Many we have the tendency to watch the past and living thinking about the bad things that they happened letting to us to us drag by that stage of the time.